What we have

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  • Lavender Latte

    House made lavender simple syrup
  • Coffee

    Choose from our rotating selection of craft coffee
  • Espresso Old Fashion

    Our coffee-based spin on this classic cocktail (alcohol free)
  • Chai Tea

    House made to create the perfect balance of spices
  • Taro Bubble Tea

    Sweet tea base with delicious tapioca pearls
  • Strawberry Bail Smoothie

    Fresh strawberries and basil, sweetened with local honey
  • Mother of Pearl Toast

    House smashed avocado, fresh tomato, and an over easy egg
  • Apple Cinnamon Waffle

    Apples baked into house made waffle, topped with fresh whipped cream
  • Bananas Foster Waffle

    House made waffle, topped with brûléed bananas and drizzled with real caramel
  • Prohibition Pig Sandwich

    Honey roasted ham and applewood smoked bacon, smothered in house infused bourbon BBQ
  • Yolks on You Sandwich

    Honey roasted ham, applewood smoked bacon, and a fried egg with apple butter
  • The Garden Party Salad

    Spring mix topped with strawberries, red onion, feta, walnuts, and blueberry pomegranate dressing

Define your pallet

Pour Over

Manual brew method to ensure full flavor extraction


The cleanest pour over method, revealing nuances of each craft coffee’s unique flavor profile

French Press

The dirtiest brew method, producing a bold coffee by extracting the full profile of each bean


Of Italian origin, this coffee is bold and generally thicker than that brewed by other methods. When done right, is topped with a beautiful crema

What sets us apart?

Rated the area’s best coffee house in the county since our opening, Cafe Rhema prides ourselves on being home to nationally competing baristas who love the community and enjoy serving craft coffee and food in the heart of Flint, Michigan.

Rhema (ῥῆμα in Greek) is a word that signifies the action of conversation.

Starting conversations since 2013

Craft coffee and espresso drinks in a cozy 1920’s vibe. Stay a while for a sandwich, pastry, or dessert

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